Don’t Ever Settle For 1 Point Per $1.00 – Use The Chase Business Ink Unlimited

Don’t Ever Settle For 1 Point Per $1.00 – Use The Chase Business Ink Unlimited


The Chase Business Ink Unlimited 


The Chase Business Ink Unlimited Like the Chase Freedom Credit Card, and The Chase Business Ink Cash Credit Card I posted previously, is just another Credit Card From Chase Bank typically advertised as a Cash Back Credit Card. However!! The Chase Business Ink Unlimited is SO MUCH MORE THEN A CASH BACK CARD!

Chase Bank Advertises 1.5% Cash Back On Every Purchase… So then Why is The Chase Business Ink Unlimited SO MUCH MORE THEN A CASH BACK CARD?

The Chase Business Ink Unlimited Earns 1.5% Per $1.00 On Every Single Purchase, NO CAP. Here is an example, Spend $100,000 (Again This is an Example, and I realize Most People Wont Spend this Much)  per Year and You Will Earn $1,250.00 Cash Back. Cash back is straightforward, you spend money, you get money back. This is FIXED VALUE. How can i turn Fixed Value in to OUT-SIZED Value.  To Achieve this we need to Earn Points Instead of cash Back. 

How to Earn Points instead of Cash Back? 

Again, Like I have mentioned with the Chase Freedom Card and the Chase Business Ink Cash Card You Will Need to Hold One Of the Following Credit Cards to Earn Points Instead of Cash Back:

Chase Sapphire Preferred 

Chase Sapphire Reserve

Chase Business Ink Preferred 


Why Points Have So much MORE OUT-SIZED Value Then Cash Back? 

Let us get back to the example of Spending $100,000 In One Year and Earning $1250.00 Cash Back. In Points $1250.00 Would Be Converted into 125,000 Chase Premium Ultimate Rewards Points assuming Your Holding One of the Chase Credit Cards mentioned above Along with the Chase Business Ink Unlimited. With These Points 125,000 Premium Ultimate Rewards Points I can Easily Redeem QTY 2 One Way Tickets in Business Class Flights to Europe Or Asia. These Business Class Flights Can Easily be Worth $5k-10K EACH. That is OUT-SIZED VALUE My Friend!

Don’t Ever Settle For 1 Point Per $1.00 – Use The Chase Business Ink Unlimited

I need you to Understand THAT I WOULD NEVER put ALL OF MY SPEND on this ONE Credit Card and to reiterate Most People Wont Be Spending $100,000 On this Credit Card anyway. That was just an example; however, I would Use this Credit Card when you would only normally receive 1x Points Per $1.00 back on your purchases. Using the Chase Business Ink Unlimited for these purchases will increase your ROI (Return On Investment) by 50% by netting you 1.5 Chase Ultimate Rewards Points Per $1.00 on EVERY SINGLE PURCHASE! Typically you would only earn 1 Point Per $1.00 anyway with most credits cards; However with the Business Ink Unlimited, once again you will be earning that additional .5 Point which definitely adds up over time. Have you ever heard the saying, “The Little Things in Life Add Up.” DON’T EVER settle for one point. Using Multiple Credits Cards for different transactions allows you to Earn TONS OF POINTS while Increasing your ROI. Example, Use the American Express Gold Card at Restaurants and Groceries because you would earn 4x Per $1.00; then use the Chase Business Ink Preferred for Gas/ Travel/ Phone/ Cable Services/ Etc to Earn 3x Points Per $1.00 in these Categories, and Finally Use the Chase Business Ink Unlimited in other Categories that would only earn 1x Points Per $1.00. This is just an example as there many different variations of Credit Cards to Come Out On top/ Increase your ROI. Use the Contact Us Page To Get You Started. 






  • 50,000 Chase Premium Ultimate Rewards When You Hold Any Of the Three Credits Listed in this Artical After Spending $3000.00 in 3 Months. That is a One Way Business Class Flight Europe or Asia.  


  • Earn 1.5 Points Per $1.00 On Every Single Dollar. (Only Use this Card On Categories You Would Normally Only Earn 1x Points Per $1.00)