How I Am Earning 54 Points Per $1.00 with this Hotels Loyalty Program

How I Am Earning 54 Points Per $1.00 with this Hotels Loyalty Program

How I Am Earning 54 Points Per $1.00 with this Hotels Loyalty Program

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Loyalty plays a big part in my book. Loyalty programs are money right back in your pocket, a Return On your investment. Over the last decade or so we have all seen major changes in hotel loyalty programs. I have been in this hobby for sometime now and I have seen some major devaluations. The question is there still value to be had? The short answer is yes.

Hotels that do not have loyalty programs; I do my best to avoid. I always go back to, “The Little Things In Life Add Up.” There are a couple exceptions to when I do not Choose a Hotel with A loyalty Program.

  • #1 -If I can not find a Hotel that has a loyalty program in the area, then I’ll have to change course.
  • #2 -If there Is no good selection of loyalty program hotels (Up to My Standard), then again I will have to change course. 
  • #3 – And Of course Price $$$.

Stack Your Return on Investment With Loyalty Programs & Credit Cards!

Loyalty Programs are great; however, what makes loyalty programs even greater is being able to STACK your return! Loyalty Programs Offer, Credit cards, Promotions, Perks, Benefits, Etc, that allow you to STACK FOR INCREDIBLE ROI. There are many Brands Out There; however, I am In the Maldives at the Hilton Waldorf Astoria and have to say this is the greatest redemption I have ever redeemed in regards to Hotels and Value. This redemption IMHO is the worlds greatest redemption in terms of value. If there is someone else that thinks differently please email me. 

IMHO The Greatest Hotel Redemption In The World (In terms of Value)

The Waldorf Astoria is Brand New In the Maldives. The Waldorf Astoria Brand is the Most Exclusive Luxury Brand of Hilton. The Waldorf Astoria Maldives recently opened in July 2019. I am going to have a review of this magnificent resort in the near future, so stay tuned. For now Here is a breakdown on how I was able to book the Stay at Waldorf Astoria Maldives for FREE (Points Redemption) . 

How Many Points Does Waldorf Cost Per Night?

Hilton Waldorf Astoria Maldives Charges 120,000 Hilton Honors Points Per Night for the Beach Villa (Cash Price Ranges from $1300.00 – $2000.00 Per Night).

If you Are Gold Status or Diamond Status (Receive Diamond Status with a Credit Card – More On This Below) if you book 5 Nights with Points You will Receive the 5th Night Free. So Total Points for 5 Nights – 120,000 Hilton Points x 4 (Because 5th Night Free) = 480,000 Hilton Points. 

Add an additional Two Free Nights for a Total of 7 Nights Using Certificates that You and Your Significant Other will Receive By Each Holding the Hilton Credit Card Mentioned Below. 

How To Get Points? 

Easiest Way to Get Hilton Points is Sign Up Bonuses From Credit Cards. For Example, Sign Up for the  Hilton Aspire Credit Card  and Receive 150,000 Hilton points After Spending $4000.00 in 3 Months. Double Up with Your Significant Other. 

Stack With Credit Cards 

The  Hilton Aspire Credit Card  is One of the Most Lucrative Hotel Credit Cards Available. Here is a List Of Perks: 

  • One Free Night at Any Hotel WORLDWIDE ANNUALLY
  • $250.00 Airline Credit (Use this For Baggage Fees, Upgrades, Etc)
  • $250.00 Property Credit (Use this For Food, Spa, Activities, Etc)


  • Diamond Status Just By Holding This Credit Card and Benefits of Diamond Status Listed Below:
  • Free Breakfast At Most Hotels & Resorts
  • 5th Night Free When Paying With Hilton POINTS (Must Be Diamond or Gold To Receive this Perk)
  • Executive Floor Lounge Access at Some Hotels & Resorts
  • 100% Bonus Points On Base Points – Base Points Are Points You Earn During Your Stay. This Includes Money you Spend On Your Room Rate, Incidentals such as food, drinks, activities, etc.
  • Promotions That Stack On Top Of Base Points: Right Now There is A Double Points Promotion on Base Points. To Give You an Example of what I should Be earning on My Stay at the Waldorf Astoria Maldives with Double Points Promotion See Below. 
    • To start I will Receive 10x Base Hilton Points Per $1.00 , and Multiply this by 100% Because I am a Diamond Member which will give me 20 Hilton Points Per Dollar. Were not done. Now with this Promotion “Double Points Promotion” I will receive double Hilton points, so 20 Hilton Points Per $1.00 x 2 is now 40 Hilton Points Per $1.00. Were Still Not Done. Stack this Again and and Pay with your American Express Hilton Aspire Credit Card and Earn an Additional 14x Hilton Points. Now the Total Hilton Points I am Earning on this stay at the Waldorf Astoria Maldives is 54 Hilton Points Per $1.00! INCREDIBLE ROI!

Additional Benefits / Perks Holding The Hilton Aspire Credit Card:

  • Happy Hour (Free Drinks) Included At Some Hotels & Resorts
  • Early Check-In Availability 
  • Late Check Out Availability 
  • Upgrades Upon Availability 
  • Sorority Over Other Basic Members 

The Annual Fee & Conclusion

The Annual Fee is $450.00. Sound Like A Lot? Please Re-read the Above Information and then comeback to this please. If your telling yourself that $450.00 Annual Fee is Too Much, then Credit Cards Are Not For You. How So? The One Free Night Is Easily Worth $1000-$2000 if you use it at the Right Properties. The $250.00 Airline Credit and the $250.00 Onsite Property Credit easily Pay for the annual Fee. Earning Base Points + Credit Card Points + Free Breakfast + Credits+ One Free Night + 5th Night Free When Using Points + Etc, Makes this card the Most Lucrative Hotel Credit available in the USA IMO and Easily justifies the $450.00 Annual Fee. 

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