Cash Back Monitor and Why You Need To Use This!

Cash Back Monitor and Why You Need To Use This!

Cash Back Monitor and Why You Need To Use This!

Cash Back Monitor is my favorite tool for Points and Miles. Cash Back monitor also works for Cash Back; however, I do not use it for cash back. I use this tool strictly for Points & Miles because I believe you can get much more value out of Points and Miles then Cash Back. 

What is Cash Back Monitor? Simply put it tracks all Shopping Portals for the BEST Miles and Points Return. I use this tool so that I CAN DOUBLE DIP ON MOST OF MY PURCHASES. Check out my Post “Why You Should Be Okay With Double Dipping” and learn more about shopping portals and the Double Dip Technique.

Everything I buy I always try to Maximize my return especially when it comes to Points and Miles. This tool is my sidekick when doing so. So how do you use it? Head to

When you arrive you will see a search Bar. In the Search Bar type the store that you are going to shop at. In this example we will use Macy’s. See Picture Below.


Above is the Home Page


Above is when I searched Macys. As you see here I can Earn up to 8.5% Cash Back, 7 British Airways Avios Points Per $1.00, or Chase Ultimate Rewards at 6 Chase Ultimate Rewards Per $1.00. In this case I would usually choose Chase Ultimate Rewards but It will confuse you if I explain why, so I will explain that on another post. For Now British Airways Avios 7 Points Per $1.00 is pretty dang good. So you would click British Airways Mall (US) and head over to the British Airways Shopping Portal/ website. If you do not already have an account with British Airways Shopping Portal create one there at

Now going Through the British Airways shopping portal you will now earn 7 British Avios Per $1.00 + on top of the Credit Card Rewards/Points from whichever Rewards Credit Card you use when shopping at Macy’s Online. Just A SIDE NOTE, Chase Freedom 4th Quarter 5 Points Per $1.00 Category includes Department Stores. That Means you Could Earn 7 British Avios Per $1.00 + 5 Ultimate Rewards Per $1.00 shopping at Macys Online if you have the Chase Freedom. That is awesome!

As a Note, when using the Shopping Portals to Earn the Extra Points/ Miles you create an account with these Shopping Portals and start from these Shopping Portals Website. When you look up/ search Macy’s for Example at the British Airways Mall (US) will automatically RE-DIRECT you to the Macy’s website so you can start shopping. 

Create a Cash Back Monitor Account

Create a Cash Back Monitor Account and Create A Monitor Page of your Favorite Stores. See Picture Below. 

Above You Can Set your Monitor Page. You Can Click What Cash Back Shopping Portals or Travel Points/ Miles Shopping Portals or Credit Card Shopping Portals that you would like. Then Below you can choose what stores you would like to monitor (up to 20 Stores Maximum). 

After all has been Setup your Monitor Page will look like something like the below picture. Add this page to your Favorites/ Bookmarks on your Phone or Desktop Computer so you can easily access it when purchasing things. This Monitor Page helps because I can set up to 20 Stores and do not have to search each store every time which makes this pretty easy and awesome. The only bummer is that it is 20 stores only. I wish there was a way to have more then 20 stores (even though I do not have all 20 setup right now). 


So as you Can Now see all of my stores that I have Setup on my Monitor Page. Lets take 4inkjets. I use a lot of ink for my business. So I am going to check all of the ink websites real quick and make sure first that I am getting the best price at 4 ink jets website for my ink, and I am also going to check any other ink websites on cash back monitor to make sure i am Maximizing my rewards. 10 Points per $1.00 sounds good to me! If you look above British Airways Mall (US)  Says 10%, which Means 10 British Airways Points Per $1.00. So if I Buy my ink at and I will receive 10 Points per $1.00 + the Credit card Rewards from whichever Rewards Credit Card I end using to purchase the ink at 4inkjets website.  Awesome! 


You Can Even Create Alerts! For Example, you can setup an Alert For Macy’s if the Points/ Miles rise above 7 Points Per $1.00, which then you will be automatically contacted via Email. This works for any store that is listed on Cash Back Monitor. Do this go to the Alerts Page.