Why You Should Be Okay With Double Dipping!

Why You Should Be Okay With Double Dipping!

Why You Should Be Okay With Double Dipping!

I love chips and salsa. Probably my favorite snack. In fact it is Probably a lot of peoples favorite snack. Most people know not to double dip, its a huge no no. I don’t know if its really that bad or not, but then again I’m sure you don’t want someone’s slobbery mouth all over your salsa. Anyway, when I was a kid I was told not to double dip. Well, now it just sticks. It just comes natural not to double dip. Your probably wondering what the heck does this have to with Points/ Miles / Credit cards?

Well in the credit card world we all like to collect our points/ miles / rewards, well at least I do. And I want to collect as many as I can. For example, the Chase Sapphire Reserve Collects 3x Points on Travel. This includes Hotels. So every time you go to any hotel and pay with your Chase Sapphire Reserve Credit Card you will receive 3x the Points. That’s Awesome. I call this the single Dip. 

Lets Talk about the Double Dip! Double Dipping baby! MMMMMMM. This is where it gets good. Did you know that most airlines have a shopping portal online? These shopping portal allows you to accrue more Points/ Miles / Rewards.


Here are a Few Examples:

Air Canada:  Aeroplan eStore 

Air France:  Air France Flying Blue Shopping 

American Airlines:  AAdvantage eShopping 

Delta:  Sky Miles Shopping 

Hawaiian Airlines:  HawaiianMiles Online Mall 

Southwest:  Rapid Rewards Shopping 

United:  MileagePlus Shopping 

Chase Bank: Ultimate Rewards Shopping Portal


Let me show you an example using American Airlines shopping portal. The web address is https://www.aadvantageeshopping.com/  – When you arrive Sign up and Make an account. Once you make an account click “Stores” and after that click “Store By Earn Rate”. This will sort the stores by the Best Earn Rate. See Below.

So for example if you click The Container Store, it will redirect you to the Container Stores website and you will earn 5 American Miles Per Dollar Spent at The Container Stores website. Give you an Example. Say you are re-doing your closet at home and spend a $1000.00. By the way This is just an example. You will Receive 5000 American Miles. The kicker is that You Have to go through the online portal. If you have to go in-store, I am sure you could get everything on order in-store and then let the container store employees know you want to buy online. You have to make sure to go through the American Advantage Shopping Portal First and then to the Container Stores Website to get these American Advantage Miles – 5 AA Miles Per Dollar. So on top of this you will also receive the Credit Card Points for whichever credit card you end up using to purchase the items on the Containers Stores website. 



Total Points/ Miles / Rewards Profit from The Container Store – If you were to go through the Shopping Portal 

5000 American Miles + 1000 Chase Ultimate Rewards Points




Using the Right strategy I was able to Net 5000 More Points / Miles by DOUBLE DIPPING


How about Double Dipping with your Chase Sapphire Reserve Credit Card that earns 3x on Travel? 

Right Now, https://www.aadvantageeshopping.com/ is offering 5 American Miles Per Dollar using www.Booking.com. So For Example, if you Booked a Hotel for $300.00 for One Night. Your Breakdown of Points would be:

$300.00 x 5 American Miles = 1500 American Airline Miles  (Going through https://www.aadvantageeshopping.com/ Shopping Portal using www.booking.com)

$300.00 x 3 Chase Ultimate Rewards (Using the Chase Sapphire Reserve Credit Card) = 900 Chase Ultimate Rewards.


Most people would just pay with an ordinary credit card and get the following

$300.00 x 1 Point (Ordinary Credit Card)  = 300 Points 


Using the Right Strategy I was able to Net 1800 More Points/ Miles More then using just a ordinary credit card! 


Happy Double Dipping!

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