Part #1 – Maximize Points & Miles – American Express Gold Card

Part #1 – Maximize Points & Miles – American Express Gold Card

Part #1 – Maximize Points & Miles – American Express GOLD CARD 

A lot of people ask me, “How I Travel So Much?” I really think they are trying to ask, “How Can I Travel Like You?” For the most part, I don’t think people want to travel as much as I do; however, I am sure they would love to travel here and there and save a few bucks a long the way and/or travel in style (Fly First /Business Class). 

This is where credit card rewards come into play. Having the Right Card or Cards will help you achieve your travel goals. A lot of people give up from the start because they believe it will take lots of $$ to accrue lots of points/miles. Yes, Lots of $$ can help you accrue lots Points/ Miles; however, its not necessary to have lots of $$ to accrue lots of points and miles. We all have to start somewhere so do not get discouraged. This will take some time and some effort; however, once you have it down it will come naturally. 

Tight Budget – Points and Miles – Starter Tutorial

Find a Credit Card that Works Best For you – Here are my Recommendations for Starter American Express Credit Cards. 

  1. Apply Now – American Express Gold Card ($250.00 Annual Fee) – Apply Now
  2. Apply Now – American Express Everyday Preferred ($95.00 Annual Fee)- Appy Now
  3. Apply Now– American Express Blue Business Plus (No Annual Fee)  – Apply now


Part #1

Lets Take the First Card – The American Express Gold Card


American Express Gold Card w/ $250.00 Annual Fee + Initial Offer 50,000 Bonus Points After $2000.00 Spend in 90 Days. 

Why I love this Card? Besides the infatuation I have with this new Rose Gold metal Card; the 4x American Express Membership rewards for U.S. restaurants (Dining) and 4x U.S. Grocery Store Categories are very Generous. Why would I pay $250.00 A Year for this card though? 

Reason #1   – 100.00 Airline Credit (Baggage Fees, In Flight Food, Drink, Wifi, Etc, or Best of all I can turn this $100.00 into a gift card, contact me for details). 

Reason #  2 –  10.00 Per Month Dining Credit (12 Months x 10 = $120.00 Dining Credit) – At Grubhub (Food Delivery Like Uber Eats), Seamless (Food Delivery Like Uber Eats), The Cheesecake Factory, Ruth’s Chris Steak House and participating Shake Shack locations.

Now My Annual Fee is Now $30.00 Because I used my $10.00 Per Month Dining Credit and $100.00 Airline Credit

Reason #3 – I am going to receive 50,000 American Express Membership Rewards Points After $2000.00 Spend in 90 Days. 

Reason #4  –  ON TOP OF THIS I AM ACCRUING THROUGHOUT THE YEAR 4x Membership Rewards at Restaurants and 4x Membership Rewards on Groceries & Earn 3X Membership Rewards on flights booked directly with airlines or on

Lets Just say you Spend $500.00 Per Month on Restaurants and Groceries here in the USA you will receive 24,000 American Express Membership Rewards. How did i get this Figure?

CONS – No Gas Bonus Category  

If you Spent $500.00 Per Month on Restaurants and Groceries you would Earn 4X American Express Membership Rewards Points Multiply that by 12 Months which would Equal 24,000 American Express Membership Rewards. 

To Maximize the 24,0000 American Express Points you Accrued in 1 Year, YOU MUST TRANSFER TO A AMERICAN EXPRESS TRANSFER PARTNER. 

Lets Take ONE EXAMPLE of a American Express Transfer Partner – British Airways For Example. Los Angeles to Chicago will cost you 10,000 British Avios One way. American Express RIGHT NOW has a 40% Bonus to British Avios until November 2019. So right now you can Transfer 6,000 American Express Membership Rewards and Receive 10,000 British Avios. That is enough for a One Way Flight from Los Angeles to Chicago. With the 24,000 American Express Membership Rewards You Earned From Restaurants and Groceries in One Year that would Give You 4 One Way Flights from Los Angeles to Chicago. Again, This 40% Bonus Promotion Does End In November 2018; however, what is so great about American Express is they Periodically have Transfer Bonuses to there Partners which Makes Your American Express Points SO VALUABLE. Even when this Bonus Ends in November You would Still have Enough Points for Two One Way Flights and 4,000 American Express Membership Rewards Points Left Over. (10,000 American Express Points Will Transfer to 10,000 British Avios when the Transfer Bonus Promotion Ends). Remember the British Airways Transfer Bonus Promotion Will Come Back. 

This Flight Fluctuates in Cash $250- $550.00 One Way Give or Take. Without the Bonus Promotion You Can Book Two One Way Flights. Lets Say For Example the Round Trip Flight was $400.00 to Chicago. You Just Saved $400.00; however, if you factored in Your Annual Fee which is -$30.00 (Instead of $250.00 Because You Used the Airline Credit and Dining Credit), and you book this flight using points you just net a Positive return of +$370.00. You Made Money! 

Another Option A business Class Ticket Would Cost You 20,000 Avios to Chicago From Santa Ana – This Ticket Easily Costs $500+. 

This is JUST the Beginning!!!

On Top of the Points you receive from The American Express Gold Card YOU NEED TO USE SHOPPING PORTALS AND DINING PORTALS TO ACCRUE EVEN MORE POINTS/ MILES. 

Please Read My Post On Shopping Portals Here.