Incredible American Airlines Business Class Sweet Spot – Tokyo to Tahiti

American Airlines Business Class Sweet Spot – Tokyo to Tahiti

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40,000 American Airline Miles – Business Class Lie Flat – 11 Hours in The Air – Read On

American Airlines over the years have gotten major devaluations along with mile saver awards being almost in-existent. If your unsure of what a devaluation is, to explain it simply, it means that the Airline Company increased there Award Flights Prices. For Example, the Cost of an Award Flight From Point “A” to Point “B” used to Cost 10,000 American Airline Miles, and now after the Devaluation Point “A” to Point “B” Now Costs 15,000 American Airlines Miles. This is a devaluation. Devaluations are frustrating; on top of this; finding award flights with the your travel dates are already frustrating. Supply and Demand though have a play and the airlines have to make $$$, so award tickets are not as plentiful as before. The good thing is there is still some great ways to use American Airlines Miles. In this case I want to show you an incredible use of American Airline Miles in a Business Class Lie Flat Seat flying from Tokyo, Japan (NRT) to Papeete, Tahiti (PPT).

Flying from Tokyo, Japan (NRT) to Papeete, Tahiti (PPT) is an 11 Hour LONG Flight so flying in Business Class Lie Flat Seat is Preferred in my Opinion. 

If you want to fly economy its going to Cost you 30,000 American Airline Miles. Flying Business Class Lie Flat is only going to cost you 10,000 More American Airlines Miles, which will set you back 40,000 American Airline Miles. 

This is incredible and I hope you make the right decision and book the business class option at 40,000 Miles.  For only 10,000 More American Airline Miles (40,000 American Airlines Miles Per Person Business Class) you will receive a Lie Flat Seat, Free Baggage, Priority Check-in, Priority Boarding, Meals & Drinks, Lounge Access, and More. 

40,000 American Airlines Miles Tokyo, Japan (NRT) , to Papeete, Tahiti (PPT) is a incredible use of American Airlines Miles in a Business Class life flat seat. I will Post a review after I take this flight. 

Happy Flying. 

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