How I Received 40,000 Amex Points From Authorized Users in 60 Days

How I Received 40,000 Amex Points From Authorized Users in 60 Days

How I Received 40,000 Amex Points From Authorized Users in 60 Days


What is an Authorized User? 

An authorized user is anyone you allow to make charges to your credit card account which will be included in your monthly statement. You are FULLY responsible for there charges.

Why it Make Sense to Add Authorized Users?

Adding authorized users to your account allow you to earn points for there purchases. So if there is a family member or you own a business it might be a good idea to allow these ones to use an authorized user card so that you can accrue points on there purchases. There are also authorized user/ Employee Controls to Monitor/ Control there Spending habits.

Why Am I going to Add Authorized User Cards? 

I have a business and need authorized users cards for my employees so this makes my situation a little easier. If you do not have a business you will have to get a little creative. By Adding these Authorized User Cards/ Employee Cards I will accrue points with there purchases; however, currently, American Express is offering Authorized User Cards with a BONUS which allow me to earn 5000 American Express Points after spending $500.00 Per Authorized User Card up to 4 Authorized Users. This will allow me to earn a grand total of 20,000 American Express Points. These Authorized Bonus Users Promotions come throughout the year and I take advantage of each and every one of them. These authorized user Bonus Promotions allow me to earn 10 Amex Points Per $1.00 for the first $500.00. Just to give you an example of how lucrative these Authorized User Bonus Promotions are I received one Last Month December 2018 and January 2019. This has allowed me to the chance to earn 40,000 American Express Bonus Points in a Matter of 60 Days

What can you Do With 40,000 American Express Points?

I can do a lot with 40,000 American Express Points. Here’s a Couple Examples that I use Regularly.

  • 4 One Way Trips From So Cal to Chicago (Economy)
  • 5 One Way Trips From San Diego Airport to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico (Economy)
  • 3 One Way Trips From So Cal to Hawaii (Economy)
  • 3 One Way Trips From So Cal To New York (Economy)
  • Or Right Now there is a Transfer Bonus to AeroMexico Allowing me to Transfer 1 Amex Points to 2 AeroMexico Points – I just Booked a Business Class Flight in Lie Flat Seats From Santiago, Chile to Mexico City, Mexico for 75,000 Aeromexico Points; however, with the Current AeroMexico Transfer Bonus it only cost me 37,500 Amex Points AGAIN WITH BUSINESS CLASS LIE FLAT SEATS! 

So as you can see making sure to add authorized user cards can be very beneficial, especially during American Express Authorized User Bonus Promotions. 

Are Authorized User Cards Free?

The promotion I received via Email ( see Picture Below) was for the American Express Platinum Card. In this Case there are two versions. A $175.00 Authorized User Card and a Free Authorized User Card. I am not going to explain the Platinum $175.00 Authorized User Cards because I do not think they are worth the $175.00. The $175.00 Authorized user Cards come with some additional perks, that I will explain in another post down the road sometime. Just ask for the FREE Authorized User Card during these promotions. Its Up to you Whether you want to keep the free authorized user cards or not after this you have taken advantage of this promotion.

How did I Receive this Offer?

American Express Sends these offers in the mail and Email. They are targeted offers. Meaning Some People will receive these offers and some do not. I am not sure how they target certain people; however, I am sure there is some criteria that American Express looks at, and then sends out the targeted offers. Now if you did not receive an email or something in the mail call American Express and see if there are any authorized user bonus promotions on your account like the one I talk about above. These Authorized User Bonus Promotions are not just exclusively for the American Express Platinum, for Example, The American Express Gold Card, The American Express Business Platinum, The American Express Business Gold, Etc, also can receive these Authorized User Bonus Promotions. Again I repeat, just because you did not receive an email or something in the mail does not mean you were not targeted. Call Amex often, maybe once a month, and you will be surprised how often they offer these Authorized User Bonus Promotions.  Not Only are these Authorized User Bonus Points Promotions Awesome/ Super Helpful; receiving additional points from your authorized users add up super quickly adding to your stockpile of Amex Points.