Why The Chase Freedom Kicks Butt!

Why The Chase Freedom Kicks Butt!

Chase Freedom Credit Card



Are You Using a Cash Back Card or a Rewards Credit Card? Whatever it is; are you using it to its full potential? Not all Cash Back/ Rewards Credit Cards are Created equally.  Let me give you an example. The Chase Freedom Credit Card is a Cash Back Card Allowing 5% Back in Certain Categories every quarter (4 Quarters in a year – See Picture Below for this quarters Category) up to $1500.00 every quarter. So your max cash back is $75.00 Per Quarter. That will give you a total of $300.00 per year in cash back. What if I told you could turn that $300.00 Cashback into much more. Yes it’s possible; however, it comes with a small catch. You will need one of the following chase rewards credit cards in your wallet as well:

1) Chase Saphire Preffered

2) Chase Saphire Reserve

3) Chase Business Ink Preffered – See My Post About it Here

Acquiring one of the above mentioned rewards credit cards will allow the Chase Freedom to be converted from cash back to chase “Premium” ultimate rewards points. So instead of $300.00 cash back you will receive 30,000 “Premium Ultimate Rewards Points. Now your probably questioning why would I do this? These valuable “Premium” Ultimate Rewards Points can be transferred to valuable Chase Rewards Partners like hotels, airlines, etc. A very well known generous and valuable transfer partner is Hyatt Hotels. Let’s take The Andaz In Costa Rica Papagayofor Example. This Hotel can be booked at 15,000 Hyatt points a night. Total for one night can easily cost you $300-$600,00 Depending on the Season. You can transfer 15,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards to Hyatt Points Easily By Going toUltimateRewards.com. So if you booked two nights at the Andaz Payagayo in Costa Rica you would double your points worth because it would cost a total of 30,000 (“Premium” Ultimate Rewards/ Hyatt Points) or $600.00 Or more in Cash Value. If you just cashed out the 30,000 Ultimate rewards you would receive close to $300.00. Can you get even better value then the Andaz Papagayo Costa Rica? Yes you can with Flights!  Contact me for further details.  Apply Now for the Chase Freedom.

If you are a Chase Freedom user yourself what do you transfer to/ Like about it? Post Comments Below.


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